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What Is Aries Media Project?

Aries Media Project aims to accelerate media and entertainment startups in emerging markets by connecting them to resources in global media hubs. This objective is rooted in three core beliefs:

Media plays a critical role in advancing societies through information and entertainment, and when the media reflects the societies it serves, those societies flourish, both socially and economically


The global media and entertainment market is inefficient because the resources required to build best-in-class content businesses are overwhelmingly concentrated in a handful of cities


There is an opportunity to accelerate media and entertainment startups in emerging markets by bridging the gap between the entrepreneurs who build them, and the networks that sit outside those markets


How Do We Help You Succeed?

Aries serves as an intermediary between media startups in emerging markets, and professionals with a vested interest in those businesses. It achieves this by managing an international network of founders, operators, advisors, and investors, connecting them to one another when they present mutually beneficial goals. Some examples of how Aries supports this network include:

Founders & Operators

Access to global experts who can help scale your business


Relationships with boards and businesses seeking expertise


Counsel navigating geopolitics and introductions to thesis-aligned founders

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Joining the network is completely free. By joining Aries, you are joining a multi-sided network that connects when goals are mutually aligned. You will share your objectives as a founder, operator, advisor or investor, and when an opportunity arises that aligns with your objectives, Aries will flag the opportunity for you, and will broker an introduction if all parties consent.

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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

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For additional information or general inquiries email us at:

Which industries and sectors does Aries specialize in?

Aries Media Project is best positioned to support startups in the media and entertainment space. This includes consumer-facing and business-facing startups across the value chain of TV, film, music, gaming, publishing, and social media.

Which markets does Aries operate in?

At present, Aries Media Project is focused on supporting the founder communities in South Asia, Central Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Aries also works with a network of advisors and investors who are primarily located in North America and Western Europe.

How mature does my startup need to be to join the network?

Both early stage (pre-seed, seed, Series A) and late stage startups (Series B and beyond) have benefitted from joining the network

Who else belongs to the network?

Out of respect for our network, our membership list is confidential. However, the network includes founders from some of the most rapidly growing international startups, and professionals who have experience working with some of the top brands in media, entertainment, tech, and venture capital.

Contact Us

For additional information or general inquiries email us at: